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11 aug 2023 om 2:49 Wederom heerlijk!
5 aug 2023 om 0:21 Heerlijk!
30 mei 2023 om 21:43 I ordered & paid for 5 items and received only 3. Two Cauliflower dishes at €27.80 are still missing! Hell of a service!
19 apr 2023 om 1:43 Hier bestel ik als ik mezelf wil verwennen!
11 mrt 2023 om 19:42 Cold food, very long delivery, called, big mouth, lies about the cauliflower being a cold dish. Mana mana used to be really good, unfortunately its only about the money now. Thumbs down
9 mrt 2023 om 6:49 Long delivery despite pre-order (35 min after the time I picked). Food was excellent but wasnot very hot, hence the 4 stars instead of 5, It might be due to the date (March 8th) and numerous orders.
18 feb 2023 om 15:38 Waited almost a hour; cold dishes; before ordered at ubereat, much better.
16 feb 2023 om 1:46 Ik heb genoten!